Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Can severe muscle spasms be permanent or do they pass in time?

When we feel muscle spasms in lower back, we immediately panic and want to figure out the best possible way to eliminate it. Sure, we can opt for the best back spasms treatment, but you do have to wonder how much time will the pain continue to hurt and how we can stop it properly. Thankfully, we are here to provide you with all the answers you need.

Are severe muscle spasms permanent?
Most of the time the lower back muscle spasms will leave quite an impact on your day to day life. Not only will they be a major challenge to begin with, but they will end up hurting more and more within a few days. However, that’s where things start to change. Once the severe muscle spasms reach their peak, they will end up healing themselves in a couple of days or weeks. The healing time does depend on the patient. Of course, if you intervene and help your body deal with the muscle spasms a lot faster you will be able to just get over the pain in a few days or so.
Your body will take this time in order to re-create a good blood supply that brings all the proteins and nutrients within your system. It might take a little bit in order for that to happen, but it does bring in front a very good experience and that’s exactly what you want to have in the end.
Resting is very important aside from heat or cold treatments, as it’s very efficient and it will help your body recuperate from the spasms properly. It might not be the ultimate muscle spasm treatment, but it does work very well. Do not rest over 2 days though, as it will end up bringing more back pain. Using pain medications is usually a very good idea, and we do encourage you to give that a try as it might be very helpful.
In case the back pain episodes will last for more than 14 days, the back pain will weaken. However, you shouldn’t stop using your muscles to avoid any strain, because the less you use them, the more you encourage muscular atrophy.
So, severe muscle spasms are not permanent and they won’t last for more than 2 weeks or up to a month at the absolute most. You should keep in mind though that muscle spasms can be avoided however if you do encounter them, you need to visit the doctor and see what you can do to deal with them properly.

Don’t worry about having permanent muscle spasms as that won’t happen. When you encounter such a problem you should talk with a medical professional and you should also try to rest, hydrate and take some pain pills. These would be more than enough to alleviate the pain and in a very short period of time this wear off on its own! It’s important to avoid panicking, so try to encourage yourself as you try to find the right solution!

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